Will Elon Musk Come to Indonesia?

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

The technology and transportation system in Indonesia are still growing. Online transportation is one of the growing industries right now. And some company expand their capability in many other sectors like food delivery, medical service, fintech, etc. They innovate. They go modern.

Then if we talk about innovation in transportation, we can look at Elon Musk. We know that he is focusing on it right now. There are Tesla and SpaceX. Those are the modern and anti-mainstream vehicles.

Besides, I heard that Elon Musk bought Twitter. It is hot news cause he went to a social media company, not transportation. I can’t imagine what Twitter will become several years later. Will it be an anti-mainstream social media or still the same?

Before buying Twitter, Elon Musk met with Mr. Jokowi, the President of Indonesia. I thought it was another hot news because I didn’t expect it before. It was good to see them talking.

I was curious about the purpose of their meeting, so I tried to collect more information about it.

What is the purpose of their meeting?

I heard there would be cooperation between Elon Musk and Indonesia. Elon looked enthusiastic about it. He even planned to come to Indonesia in November.

I am still waiting for November. I am curious about the project of Elon Musk in Indonesia specifically. I want to know more about it.

So, what is the influence on the Indonesian people because of this?

In my opinion, the cooperation of Elon Musk is good because Indonesia can have a better future in innovation and technology, especially in transportation. If it happens, the government should use the opportunity to build a sustainable innovation that affects the economy of citizens at any level.

Anyway, I have seen the electrical motorcycle used by the Gojek driver in Indonesia. I think it’s one transportation innovation like Tesla. Who knows, someday, Indonesia can produce more affordable but high-quality electric vehicles. Will Elon Musk support us in this innovation? Let us see.

The meeting between Mr. Jokowi and Elon Musk is rare. At least, we can get a positive impact from it, especially the cooperation in improving the technology, transportation system, and economy.

What do you think about it?



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