What is Your Energy Booster?

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I used to think that I had to be productive. But, sometimes, it turned me to boredom. I didn’t find a momentum to get my spirit up. It was simply a boring time.

Ah! What a trap.

Someone said, the opposite feeling of happiness is not sadness, but boredom. It means if someone is bored, he is simply not happy. Do you agree?

Well …

One day, I felt something wrong with my day. I sat on a chair for several minutes thinking of something. I didn’t know what to do next. I felt that my daily routine was not productive enough. Unfortunately, this condition drained my energy. I suddenly lack happiness.

Faris Mohammad once said, “Being productive means we do something that energizes us.”

I realized that sitting doing nothing will not change my day. I have to do something. Productive things.

Then, I found a connection between boredom and productive activity.

I know that boredom is a common condition. But there is always cause and effect. I tried to identify the cause of the boredom so that I can evaluate the effect.

And the result: I tried to set up a new habit until I found a productive one.

Actually, praying, running and reading are my current energy booster. I felt energized at the end of those activities. But that’s not enough. I need more energy booster.

I recently tried forest therapy. I knew it from the book entitled Finding Sisu: In Search of Courage, Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way by Katja Pantzar. I tried it once more cause I rethink that forest therapy could be my energy booster. I hope it can be my other productive routine.

I and my friends went to the forest several days ago. It was Sunday morning. I run and walked along the way. I really excited cause it was my first time going there. Even though it just a little forest.

Finally, I arrived at the destination. The weather suddenly changed to be cold. But I decided to walk through the green carpet — grass. I sat on it for a while. I took fresh oxygen from pinus trees around me. It is sooo calming. I felt that I get new mental energy. I found peace. My energy was fulfilled.

Photo by Utsman Media on Unsplash


How about happiness that I told before?

It is related. More energy, more happiness. Less boredom, more happiness.

Once you feel boredom, I suggest you to find your energy booster. You can brainstorm many activities,


You can answer these questions first:

  • Why am I not happy?
  • Is there something that I can improve?
  • What activities that give me more energy?
  • Do I like running? Learning? Drawing? or talking with a friend?
  • If today is the best day of my life, what will I do all day?
  • What is the mental block that prevents me from doing the activity?
  • How to break this mental block?
  • What baby step that I can do today?

Be calm. Answer the question slowly.

You deserve to be happy, my friend. Find your energy booster. Do something. Minimize the boredom. And be productive.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient the body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” — Tony Robbins




I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.

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Yasier Fadilah

Yasier Fadilah

I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.

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