What if You are a Superhero?

Yasier Fadilah
2 min readJul 11, 2021


Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

I won’t tell you about the superhero in comics or movies.

It’s about the real superhero. It’s about you and me. It’s about us.

What if you are a superhero?

Imagine that you can do something for people in need. You can help them. You can save their life. You can teach them to live a better life.

I like watching superhero movies. They inspire me to think about human power. I mean the real power. We can be stronger if we pursue a purpose. We can be stronger if we fight for a meaningful reason.

I know a superhero is just a fictional character. However, I see something that is in line with real-life: a purpose.

The purpose of humanity. Every superhero characters always have it.

Batman is a rich superhero character, but he doesn’t have a superpower. He has modern technology instead. Ya, as we all know. He uses it to help people and against villains (Joker).

Why don’t we do the same as Batman?

We can model what he does base on what we have right now. If you have money, you can help people with money. If you have ideas, you can help people with them. If you have a good job position, you can help people with your authority.

That is your power. When you can gain it, you can be like a superhero in movies to help more people in need.

Many people need a superhero like you. Yes, you, because not all people are luckier than you.

We have known that the common purpose of superheroes is to help people and against villains. What will you choose? Do you want to help people or against villains?

Okay. It’s hard to fight with villains. So you can choose to help people by using your power. Have you known it?

You can also help people with your innate talent. Your talent is your power. Instead of focuses on weaknesses, it’s better to focus on improving talent and using it for humanity.

Find out a unique talent that you can use to help people.

What is it?

From now on, you can identify your superpower. But you have to answer these questions first:

  • What is the problem you want to solve?
  • Who are the people you want to help?
  • What talent or strength you need to master?

Those questions will specify your role as a superhero.

I’m not kidding you. The choice is in your hand.

Last but not least, I want to tell you that being a superhero is not a joke. Superhero has a purpose. We also should have a purpose in life. It’s the purpose of our life and humanity.

Have you ever wondered why God created us?



Yasier Fadilah

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