What are Your Favorite Elements of Leadership?

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A leader is someone who understands people. He knows how to empower their people. It seems like a father who wants to grow up his children. They treat them like a hero. He knows that the children will face problems in the future. So, they should own a hero spirit.

It is related to the leadership position. The hero in a leadership position is not the leader but their people instead.

I know this feeling when I was in a leadership position. I had a task to lead and teach people to achieve goals. I realized that the leader should give attention, not only to the achievement but also to people.

The dominant focus is on the people.

Then, I started to change my leadership style. I tried to balance between the goals and people. But the people are still the most important. So, I thought a lot about my people. I figured out how to help them improve their personal and professional life.

I think this is what I dream of right now. I dream about a leader who can help people, from nothing to something, from zero to hero. The more hero in a society, the more problem we can solve. Yep. We need more heroes today. And it is born by a great leader.

How to be a great leader then?

I will talk about the four elements of a great leader. I get inspiration from the Avatar film. Here are the elements:


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The leaders should be like water. The water can fit in every place. If it is in a pool, they will be a pool of water. If it is in a glass, it will be a glass of water. It is very flexible.

The leaders should be adaptable to every condition and every problem. They should know how to fit in with different people too. Every person has a unique personality. The leader should walk in every person’s shoes.


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The leaders should be like the earth. The earth is where we live right now. We walk on earth every day. And it always serves us through growing plants.

The leaders should be ready to sacrifice every day. They shouldn’t blame people in their leadership. You have to think that the problem in an organization is not because of them but you. The point is you have to serve them and help them to solve the problem.


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The leaders should be like fire. The fire can break some materials, especially wood. But someone said that blue fire is better than the red ones.

The leaders should be brave and firm. They have to know the good and the bad, the right and wrong. They should know when they become a good cop and a bad cop. They may be judgmental but for a good purpose.


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The leaders should be like air. The air is invisible. We can’t see it, but we can feel it around us. The function is very crucial in our existence. Without it, we can’t breathe.

The leaders should give a lot of benefit to their people, but they shouldn’t tell it. I mean, their kindness must be invisible. They should give something to people but take no credit. Let it be the positive energy around you. Your kindness will be a positive energy in your life.

There are four elements of a great leader. You can apply it to your life. Whatever your position right now, these four elements of leadership are worth trying.

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Let’s become a great leader. And create heroes.



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