Three Reasons Why Apple is Different From Others

Photo by Grzegorz Walczak on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why Apple company is successful in many countries?

You might think that it is because of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

I do agree.

The company value has been widespread to people, users, or customers. And the tagline “Think Different” is easy to be remembered. That’s why Apple is bold. The products speak loudly in the market. Apple is not only selling a product but also giving value and impact.

I think that is the core reason why Apple still stands out from the crowd.

Now, I want to share an analysis of Apple products based on my perspective and experience using Apple. It’s not about a promotion article. It just my analysis of how Apple becomes successful right now. Once again, it just an analysis.

I had heard about the story of Apple, where Steve Jobs built this company with Steve Wozniak. They ran Apple Inc for several years. But, one day, bad news, Steve Wozniak decided to leave Apple Inc. It didn’t stop Steve Jobs to run Apple.

Unfortunately, there was another bad news when Steve Jobs was fired from his own company.

But finally, he came back to the company.

The story makes me believe that the role of Steve Jobs in Apple Inc is important. I see the simplicity behind Apple products and Steve Jobs’ personality. It is connected. Apple without Steve Jobs is different I guess.

The tagline whispers again in my head, “Think Different.”

Now, I want to share with you why Apple product is different from others. I want to share my analysis.

These are the reasons:

What I see from Apple products is that the simple element of it. Even though it is simple but the brand looks classy and elegant. You will feel this classy experience when using Apple products. I don’t know whether it is part of the branding or not.

I live in a developing country. I think the price of Apple is quite expensive for my pocket. But the quality is worth the price. You won’t be regret when using Apple products for work. Some digital nomads also use MacBook to execute their job.

As we know that the design of the Apple logo is simple and easy to be remembered. I can imagine Apple products if people ask me to describe them. I can remember easily the texture of products and the user experience when using them.

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash


What is the lesson?

You can learn from Apple products, especially if you want to start a business. By adopting the three reasons that I told before. I know those reasons for success are not built overnight. It needs hard work and perseverance.

However, adopting those factors will help you build a long-lasting company. It’s not a guarantee but it is my optimistic point of view.

Last but not least, you know that there is a reason why something happens. There are the reasons why Apple is different from others. I can see three factors or three differentiation of Apple: simple but classy, expensive but high quality, and easy to remember the products.

Perhaps, you can use it by creating a product that simple but classy, expensive but high quality and it is easy to be remembered.

I write about personal growth and productivity. New articles come out every week. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Have a nice day y’all.