This is Why You Should Exercise Your Soul and Feel

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

used to exercise my body to feel relaxed and fresh. Yap. There are many benefits to exercising the body. However, I found something interesting other than body exercise. It is the exercise of soul and feel.

I tried to exercise my soul and feel by connecting to nature. I thought we lived side by side, but we might not connect deeply with nature. I tried to see some little things that were out of my sight. I saw the beauty of a big tree, and I saw the beauty of a bird flying in the air. Both are little things but magical to me.

Now I think my soul and feel becomes a part of nature. Then I realize that we and nature are a part of the universe. So, there is no separation here. I’m blending with the higher vibration and frequency so that I can hear the sound of nature.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it seems like understanding what happens with nature. I feel more connected to it.

Let’s go back to the topic. We are talking about exercising the soul and feel. You may ask, “What’s the benefit of it?”

Okay, you will get the benefit of strengthening your soul and feel. Your soul and feel will be more healthy. I mean, you will find peace and happiness inside. It’s good because what you feel inside will impact the outside.

Therefore, exercising your body, soul and feel will make you a better human and a better life. You will be healthy inside out. Nobody can do it for you until you do it by yourself. Even a little effort is worth it.

How to exercise your soul and feel?

There is a simple thing to do. You can do grounding or earthing. It means you walk barefoot on the earth, sand, or grass. Yap, barefoot. It helps you to absorb negative electrons. These electrons will spread to your body. After that, it affects your health.

Why negative electrons?

Someone said that we absorb positive electrons from the sun. That’s why we should balance it by absorbing negative electrons from nature. Grounding is a good choice.

And to strengthen your soul and feel, you can meditate on the ground. You can touch the earth. Feel the connection to nature.

I challenge you to find the earth, sand, or natural grass near your home. Walk barefoot on it regularly or even meditate for 30 days. Then, see what happens with your body, soul, and feel.

It’s possible to be healthy inside out. Just exercise your body, soul, and feel. Take a little effort day by day until your life changes. Be happy every day.



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Yasier Fadilah

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