The Uniqueness of Jackie Chan

Yasier Fadilah
2 min readDec 11, 2022


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Jackie Chan was one of my favorite martial art actors. He played in many movies and never disappointed me because he played it all out. His performance inspired me because he can play the movie character uniquely.

His character was bold by combining slapstick comedy with martial art. The action scene seemed like an amateur, but it was his style. He used many properties around him to fight like a comedian. It looks funny but attractive at the same time. It is different from other martial art actors who play seriously in fighting.

I remember when he did an extreme scene like falling from a high place like a stuntman. It is crazy.

Then I found that Jackie Chan had been a stuntman before he became an actor. So he used to play something extreme in other movies. There was a consequence for a stuntman. Yes, pain and injury. He broke many parts of his body. But, his effort is not useless. He had played a great movie.

Anyway, he also became a stuntman in Bruce Lee’s movies. He ever told a story about a fighting scene with Bruce Lee. He got a strong attack from Bruce Lee. It was hurting, but that’s the consequence. I could not imagine if I were him.

As time goes by, his reputation gets better. He was consistent with fighting things until he became an actor from movie to movie. I knew it was not easy to be him. He became a legend because of his perseverance.

What can we learn from him?

Of course, first, he teaches us to persevere with what we do. Sometimes, we feel hurt by the process or disappointed with the result. But don’t move back. Just move forward and move up. Improve skills and performance until we get what we want.

Second, he teaches us to be different in our field. He differentiates his fighting style from others. Whatever we do, don’t be one hundred percent similar to others. Be different, at least ten percent.

Jackie Chan is not born a superstar. He climbs up the success ladder little by little, from stuntman to actor to legendary actor. There is no instant success for him.

I will say thanks to him for the inspiration.



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