The New Version of You

Yasier Fadilah
2 min readSep 6, 2020
Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

I don’t know when this condition ends. But there is something that affected a lot in our life. We get a new experience that changes our entire life. We have experienced several months of a different lifestyle. This pandemic changes us whether becomes good or bad.

I tried to cope with the mundane routine during the pandemic. It needs more effort to be productive in this situation.

But this situation gives me time to reflect. To see inside me.

I grab myself into the zone of self-improvement deeper than before because I don’t want to stop growing. Then, because of this condition, I rethink about the new version of me. It’s like the operating system of smartphones that always upgraded gradually. I think, we also need to upgrade and renew ourselves.

We need to renew our lifestyle, our habit, our emotional control, or our mindset so that we will be different, in a positive way.

Perhaps, you want to be healthier and happier by doing running at least two times per week. Running will improve your immune system and lessen your stress level. In short, running could be your therapy, especially during the pandemic. After running, you will feel renewed and rebirthed.

Renewing ourselves doesn’t mean doing big things. Because the small but consistent effort is also enough.

Whatever your condition right now, I believe you can be better and better than before. Be the new you.

Keep growing, comrade!



Yasier Fadilah

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