The Benefit of Time Batching

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Years ago, I used to do random activities. I always switch my attention from one activity to another. I did something and then moved to another thing, and on and on.

This switch of activities made me overwhelmed.

For example, I felt overwhelmed when I mixed between writing and watching entertaining videos on youtube. I realized the activity was different. Writing activity took concentration, critical thinking, and creativity. Meanwhile, watching entertaining videos on youtube doesn’t need them.

So, when those two activities met together, the level of my concentration was decreased. Then it affected my writing progress. If we want to do something with optimal focus, we should be in a flow state. Flow state is difficult to access if we do several different activities all at once.

Flow state happens when our minds are 100% focus and getting lost on one kind of activity. The mind focuses on one thing. When I focus on a writing activity for an hour, I can finish it on time. Without distraction because I go into the flow state.

I tried to solve this problem.

Then I experimented with batching or time batching. By doing this method, I categorize some similar activities a certain times.

For example,

Batch 1: I categorize creative activities like writing, designing, podcasting in the morning from 6 am until 12 pm.

Batch 2: I categorize mindlessly activities that don’t involve computers and gadgets like talking to people or playing with my niece from 1 pm until 3 pm.

Batch 3: I categorize refreshing or physical activity like doing sport and cleaning up my room, from 4 pm until 6 pm.

Batch 4: I categorize learning activities like reading books, listening to podcasts, and writing notes from 7.30 pm until 9 pm.

It is just an example that I applied to my daily routines. It turned out the experimentation was good. I didn’t feel overwhelmed anymore. And it helped me to access the flow state easily.

You can also apply it.

You can try to separate your entire activity every day. Then, categorize it based on kinds and characteristics.

If you have a problem like me in switching activities, I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore. I hope after applying this method, it can be easier to access the flow state.

So, when you work on your task, you can finish it on time. And when you talk to a person, you can listen to him mindfully.

Just do it. Ready?



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