Stoicism for Emotional Healing

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Today, we are still in a Pandemic situation. I think the new normal has been habitual. I mean we have been a new person who is aware of cleanliness and health. According to the news update, the number of victims of this pandemic is still increasing. They need a medical healing process.

But, we, as healthy person also need healing treatment. We need psychological and emotional healing.

Even though many people become vulnerable to virus infections but, the vital problem is when we are hopeless and when we can’t control our perspective and emotions during the new normal.

I recently read news about the violation of children and women. The number of cases increases significantly during the pandemic. I assume that the root cause of the problem is emotional control. That’s why we need to keep it under control. We need to control our emotions. We can do self-healing to help you manage your emotion.

But now, I want to share something about stoicism. You probably know this term. It is the other alternative in the healing process.
What is stoicism?

Stoicism is a philosophy of seeing something (event or phenomena) as what it goes. We react to good and bad events wisely. We try to perceive both events almost the same. I mean, we don’t take hard feelings on an event. In other words, we try to accept something wisely and let life happens.

“Let bygones be bygones.” — Proverb

By applying stoic philosophy daily, we can have better emotional control in facing one problem or undesirable events. Perhaps, we don’t throw it away but, at least, we learn how to react to it.

Pandemic is not a small problem. We have to do massive healing. It’s better to ask your close friend to do the same. Ask them to heal their emotional condition so that we can face this pandemic condition together. Together we can.



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