Be Slow Down and Stay Controlled

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I was once in a hurry. When I wanted to do something fast, getting something fast or achieving something fast. But I ended up with tiredness and meaningless. I didn’t celebrate a meaningful moment. Then I asked myself,

“How if I can enjoy the present moment slowly and stay controlled?”

As we know that life is not stagnant or static. It can change every time. Sometimes, we are hard to make peace with circumstances. But, actually, we can choose to enjoy the process. Step by step. Moment by moment. Day by day. Embrace life as what it is. Until we realize that we have to slow the process down and stay controlled. Slow but sure. To live in the present moment.

It reminds me of the minimalist concept. I am still excited about this concept. You know that I’ve been spent my time thinking too much on how to get something fast like getting a house and an expensive car. These things really consume my time. But then, when I learned about minimalism, I tried to minimize this thought. I shouldn’t spend my thought a lot on things because it doesn’t have a soul.

Minimalism also teaches me how to live better and stay in control. We can be distracted by things like clothing collection or unused items. It makes us overwhelmed.

Then, we can control our consumption habits. It’s better if we consume what we need first rather than what we want. I always ask myself when I want to buy something, “Do I really need this stuff?”

Whenever I asked the question, I thought that what I want to buy is not really important. It just feeds my emotions.

Emotions affect our behavior. It also drains our thought and energy. We have to control it anyway.

As Tony Robbins said, “Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.”

Therefore, if we want to live a meaningful life, we have to control our emotions first. There are positive and negative emotions inside us. Choose one. The positive one.

Imagine when you go to bed with positive emotion. Then you wake up in the morning with peace and optimism. You live the present moment slowly and stay controlled.

You’ll probably say, “I enjoy my life. Today is the best day.”




I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.

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Yasier Fadilah

Yasier Fadilah

I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.

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