Read this Before You Choose a College Major

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Sometimes, the students are confused when choosing the right college major. They want to choose a suitable major because it makes them happy to be there. But, some of them don’t know where to go after college. They don’t know where to work even though they chose an interesting college major.

It is the reason why I write this article. It probably helps them, and you to find a job after college. I prefer choosing a career first before a college major. It means that we should know the ideal job for us in the beginning.

But before that, let me share with you about my college major. I chose the English education major several years ago. I chose it because I like learning languages, I like the English language and because foreign language skill is needed by many companies.

Unfortunately, I didn’t predict my future career so that I made a plan from scratch. I then realize learning in college is just the way. What we should give more concern is in the dream job. Because working is a long journey. We should prepare it first.

As we know that there are three types of jobs: Working in a company or institution, working as a self-employed or freelancer, and working as a businessman or business owner.

We can choose one of them. Even though we can work in those positions all at once. But it’s better to focus on one position first.

The income of those positions will be different so that you have to calculate your basic needs. It depends on your needs because working as a freelancer or business owner will be harder than working in a steady company. You will earn a small income as a freelancer or business owner at first. But as you grow up you will get more income.

If you want to be safe, you can be an employee. But if you want a challenge, you can be a freelancer or business owner. If you choose the second option, sometimes, you must be ready for frugal living.

Then, you have to know whether the job is suitable for your skill and passion. Because it should make you happy along the way. It means that the job should grow you up. It’s not always about income but the quality of your life.

Now, you have to know your work style. Do you like working together as a team or working by yourself? Do you like working on the same task or the variety of tasks?

If the job matches your work style, it will help you work better.

Okay. It’s time to find your college major. If you have known your dream job, now you have to find out a suitable college major.

For example, you like visual things and design. You want to be a professional graphic designer and your work style is doing the job by yourself. It means a freelance job. You get income from many clients. Then, your college major can be graphic design, visual communication design, product design, and so on.

The conclusion is you have to consider your dream job first before you choose a college major. I just share my opinion. The choice is yours.

I write about personal growth and productivity. New articles come out every week. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Have a nice day y’all.

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