Online Learning Tips for Students

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There are pros and cons of online learning these days.

The main pros are that we can learn anywhere and sometimes anytime. It encourages the flexibility of learning. And it makes learning becomes easy, right?

However, there are some cons. Those are the limitation of guidance of teachers, the limitation of emotional touch of friends, and the lack of internet connection of some students. It is based on the data of students’ perspectives about online learning in Indonesia.

I wonder how to solve this problem. Could we make it better?

We have known that the biggest problem is the guidance of teachers, motivation, and internet connection.

The lack of guidance should be minimized by improving the one-on-one learning activity or consultation between students and teachers. Even though not all students are comfortable with talking to the teacher. But by doing this, they will improve their understanding.

The motivation can be improved by doing discussions with other students. It can help them to gain motivation. Sometimes the students want to compete with each other. So, here, the competition between them should be minimized first. It’s the time for collaboration, not competition.

The internet connection of students may vary. But for those who have a low internet connection, they must find a solution, such as buying an unlimited internet package at a lower price.

I dare say that if those aspects are solved, online learning will be more effective. And they will be happy learning anywhere and anytime.

Besides, the student should find their learning styles to learn better. According to Bobby De Potter, there are three learning styles. Those are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. They could be in one of them. But some students can use more than one style.

If your style is auditory, which means good at listening, you could record the teachers’ explanation of the material. So, you can listen to it many times.

If your style is visual, which means good at visualization, you could draw a picture, graphs, or illustration of the material. So, you can visualize it many times.

If your style is kinesthetic, which means good at practice and movement, you could learn something by practicing and moving around. So, you can understand it better.

By knowing the learning styles, the students will enjoy their learning activity. Perhaps, it can also boost their understanding.

Online learning is not bad. We need to adapt and find the way we learn.

Last but not least, the main solution to the problems is to help each other. The teacher helps students with their difficulties privately, The student helps other students to gain motivation and collaboration. And the parents help their children to find the best internet provider and internet package.

Give more but take no credit.

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