Morph: Clarify The Reason for Life

Yasier Fadilah
3 min readMar 16, 2024

“I woke up feeling unenthusiastic like life had become bland. I kept wondering about the reason I live my life. Then I remembered Petra Sihombing’s song, “What are you? What are you looking for? Graduate, work, get married, and have children. What else?”

Is the reason I live only to graduate, work, get married, and have children? Or can life be more than that? Can life be more than just graduating, working, getting married, having children, and dying?

Suddenly I remembered my grandfather who had just passed away. He was quite old. Then I realized something, “Death is inevitable. Everyone will experience it. Birth, life, death, then life again in a higher dimension.”

I couldn’t let life go on like this. If death is inevitable, why am I still alive without a reason that makes me enthusiastic about living life? Why only live?

I went outside, and while riding a motorbike, I thought about the real reason for my life. I believe that life is not just living.

Then I thought about doing something outside my comfort zone, something that is rarely done. I hope to find the answer there.

And an idea emerged: reach out to a stranger and learn from their experiences.

I knew it would be awkward, but I tried to avoid that confusion and immediately took action.

It was a mixed experience. At first, it was awkward, but it felt more comfortable later. I also learned something from their experience.

Then I went to the mosque for a while to pray.

I didn’t expect it, but I felt more enthusiastic than before. It turns out that doing something out of habit or outside our comfort zone makes life more colorful. I also found the reason for other people’s lives.

A few minutes later.

I fell asleep at the mosque. It turns out I was very sleepy. It’s like the effect of not having had lunch. I woke up weak.

My enthusiasm was gone again, even though I was more enthusiastic before.

I ate without enthusiasm and then daydreamed for a while.

Then I remembered IKIGAI or the reason for being, which makes someone enthusiastic about life. I forgot about it even though I knew about it already.

Maybe I need to re-evaluate my IKIGAI, so I can be enthusiastic every morning when I wake up. Yes, I have to clarify my IKIGAI again. There’s a part that doesn’t fit, and, that’s why I’m less enthusiastic.

I deepen my understanding of IKIGAI and then rewrite it. Starting from what I love, what skills I am good at, what I care about, and how I earn income.

After the write-erase write-erase process, I found a new IKIGAI. When I just read it, I felt more enthusiastic. My current IKIGAI is: helping people to heal and evolve through content, healing services, and coaching services. Or help people transform into healthier, stronger, and happier people. It is a more specific and better IKIGAI than before. This time, I don’t just focus on content but also provide coaching services.

Alright. I will hold this new IKIGAI. I can’t wait to have a better tomorrow. The reason for my life is clearer now. I will do more than only graduate, work, get married, and have children.

Tomorrow will be better.



Yasier Fadilah

I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.