Morph: Become an Enlightened Being

Yasier Fadilah
3 min readApr 13, 2024

I can now handle conflicts calmly and feel more peaceful. However, I still have negative self-talk or affirmations in my head, such as, “Making money is difficult. It’s not good to be single all the time. It’s hard to find good ideas.”

Self-talk or affirmations are like prayers that we repeatedly say. They can become a reality later on. Yap. Self-talk or affirmations influence how we live our lives. If our affirmations are positive, our lives will be positive.

Speaking of positivity, I am curious about people like Mr. Fahruddin Faiz, an Indonesian public figure who always appears calm and positive. He has a serene presence, a calming speech, and a calming attitude. He often discusses philosophy and spiritual matters. What do you think makes Mr. Faiz so calm and positive?

Perhaps Mr. Faiz’s self-talk is always related to calmness since his words can soothe others. That is why he always appears calm. Positive self-talk breeds positive attitudes and results.

I researched more about affirmation techniques and found the reason to fill my days with positive self-talk or affirmations. I need to focus my thoughts and feelings on positive things.

I started doing affirmations every morning, afternoon, and evening. I focused on one affirmation, “Every day, I feel happy. Everything I do brings happiness and peace to the people around me. Money comes to me in abundance from various sources. I use it for good. I am grateful for this beautiful life.”

From doing affirmations, I learned to see life from God’s point of view. God always has positive intentions for every event He desires. This affirmation helps me believe in the positive intentions of life. Life is beautiful when we believe in it.

Gradually, my negative self-talk decreased. However, I cannot feel the real effects.

Then, I looked at the melon plants outside my house for fun. After waiting patiently, the melons finally bore fruit. If you grow them yourself, the process takes longer than buying them from a fruit shop.

I realized that I need to apply affirmations like planting melons. I need to be patient. Affirmations take time to become beliefs and reality. I need to keep trying.

Looking at life from God’s perspective and practicing positive affirmations is fascinating. I can flow more and let God control my life. I focus on improving myself with positive affirmations.

Isn’t God according to His servants’ prejudices?

Finally, after several days of affirmations, I felt the effects. Miracles began to appear in my life. Affirmations helped me focus on finding ideas similar to what I was affirming. Since I often affirmed that I was happy, there was always something to make me happy.

So, it’s better to say positive things. The more often you mention them, the more they become beliefs. If they become beliefs, they will influence your reality and everyday experiences.

My focus now is on positive thoughts and feelings that lead me to positive experiences. Whatever happens, I remain optimistic. I surrender to follow God’s will and use affirmations as prayers to strengthen my belief in Him.

In essence, I feel enlightened and indescribably happy because of the pleasure, the lessons I learn from unpleasant moments, and because of God, the source of enlightenment.



Yasier Fadilah

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