Morph: A Willingness to Help

Yasier Fadilah
2 min readMar 2, 2024

I’m sharing my thoughts about seeing a family pushing a cart filled with used goods while I’m jogging on the street. Their faces looked relaxed, even though there was sweat pouring out. I wonder what they’re feeling. Do they think that their life is exciting and enjoyable? How come they don’t look stressed at all?

When I see someone in that condition, my mind always whispers to help them. However, sometimes the timing isn’t right. Once, when I was sitting in the park, a small child suddenly approached me and asked for money. The problem is, I didn’t have any money left. So I couldn’t give it.

I became pessimistic because I wanted to help, but the conditions did not allow it. Then, my pessimism began to fade away when, one day, I spontaneously helped a seller push a cart up the road uphill. The seller looked happy, even though I was only helping by pushing the cart.

After that incident, I felt something different. It feels like life is not just about myself but also about other people. I found a new enthusiasm for life when I could help people, even a small help.

And when people feel helped, there is a unique burst of happiness inside. I realized that I need to be more responsible for the environment around me.

I’m happy to be able to help people. I discovered another side of life. But one day, I was in trouble and needed help. I also lost my enthusiasm because I couldn’t handle it myself. I asked, “How come no one helps?”

As a result, I also started to feel lazy about helping people because I needed to help myself first. Why is there no help when I need it?

One day, I noticed my nephew watching YouTube. He watched one of the influencers who often gives something to people randomly. His help was not half-hearted; he even gave him a motorbike.

Ah, now I know. Helping people requires willingness, not hoping to get something in return. I started to help people closest to me with even small assistance. The important thing is to be sincere and selfless.

I remember these words, “The best people are those who are useful to people.”

Looks like that’s true. No matter how successful or happy you are, your life should be beneficial.

I made helping people a habit. It’s no longer expecting help in return. Because it turns out that happiness is acquired when we enjoy every moment as it is and when we are willing to make other people happy.



Yasier Fadilah

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