How to Stay Productive When You Feel Lazy

Yasier Fadilah
3 min readAug 11, 2021
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Some people like lying on the bed. I don’t know why many people like being lazy. Sometimes, I also like being lazy. But not too much. To me, lying on the bed is for a break from activities. Not for working on a task.

But the effect of lying too much is more than I expected. It becomes habitual. Perhaps, it is because many things are simple right now.

Then I’m interested in sharing tips to stay productive even when you feel lazy.

You can do anything while lying on the bed, including working on a task. You can be lying on the bed with a purpose. What can we do while lying on the bed?


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You can use your time reading books to fulfill your knowledge and curiosity. Rather than overthink something or playing on a gadget too much, it’s better to read more books. You can also read an e-book. Read few pages are also beneficial for you, especially if the topic is your interest. Something that you like most.

I think reading books are addictive, but we won’t be regret this addiction. It can make you a better thinker instead.


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If you feel stuck reading books, you can move to listen to podcasts. Because listening to audio podcasts is simple. You don’t need to do many things. Just lay down on the bed and prepare your ears to listen to podcasts carefully. You can absorb knowledge effortlessly.

But don’t worry about boredom cause you can switch the podcast to music. It’s good to keep your mood.


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Usually, lying on the bed is good to watch entertainment videos on youtube. It’s not bad. But it’s better to find educative content too. Especially the content that relates to your study or job.

You can find a lot of educational videos out there. You can learn anytime and anywhere.


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You can write and work on something on a smartphone while lying on the bed. Some smartphones are advance. Some apps are connected. From writing apps to project management apps to cloud storage apps to collaborative workspace apps and so on.

What is your opinion? What else?

There is no reason not to work on a task anymore because you can do it while lying on the bed.

Let’s use our lazy time by doing something productive. Productive is not always about moving our body actively. You can stay productive as long as you can finish something, produce something, or earn something.

Playing games all the time is a busy activity. However, is it productive?

It can be productive if it is for competition.

It’s for you who like lying on the bed. Be calm. You can stay productive because productivity is not only about being active. Just use your fingers and sensors. You can finish a task on a smartphone, read books, listen to podcasts, or learn through educational videos.

So, do you want to stay productive?



Yasier Fadilah

I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.