How to Deal with Quarter-life Crisis

Yasier Fadilah
3 min readAug 16, 2020


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What do you feel right now?

I once felt that my life should be like this or should be like that. I just want to live my perfect life based on my perception. But I didn’t always get what I want. Then I felt down. I wonder why someone has a desire to get something.

It turns me into one perspective of simple life design.

I think a lot about the existence of humans on this earth. I realized that my body is not mine. I mean this life is not about ‘us’ but God. This life is created by Him so that I assume that what I want should be connected to what God’s will. I always think about this many times.

The concept is simple, right? Think about the before-life and afterlife. When we were born and when we die. Who makes it happen? Yap.

We will find that God is the Almighty Creator of life. We asked to follow the right path, right?

Have you ever ask about, “What does God want us to be?”

I have ever felt that my life is not good. I found many failures and disappointment during a quarter-life crisis. The crisis was not only about finding my life purpose but also struggling with how to get up from failures. I didn’t know what to do first. I didn’t know where to start cause I couldn’t see the good possibility at that position.

I always ask, “Oh God, what should I do?”

I didn’t know how to cope with the condition.

… until I live in a simple life. This quarter-life crisis taught me to be simple.

Luckily, I found that my life should be managed carefully. I have to minimize my bad habit and attitude. I believe there was a positive intention of every condition whether good or bad.

Oh ya.

What is a quarter-life crisis exactly?

Perhaps, you’ve ever heard it.

Quarter-life crisis usually happens around 20’s to 30 years old. We will start to compare our life with others. We will rethink our decision-making results like our job. We will feel anxious about our future. We confuse about the purpose of life, and so on.

It’s simply about finding who we are. It can be related to this question,

“What does God want us to be?”

You can answer that question later. But, the question helps me a lot. It also will help you to live a better life, especially if you are in a quarter-life crisis period.

How to answer the above question easily?

Hmm … you can start to answer the question based on your current potential.

For example:

You are a smart guy in the class. You always win a competition like mathematics competition or debate competition. In this case, you have a good logical thinking skill.

This is the clue. You are smart and logical.

What does God want you to be?

You can be a good manager or a good consultant that makes people’s lives better than before. Your thought may be priceless. You can communicate your thought because you have good logical thinking skills. It just an example.

What is your current potential then?

So, when you are in a quarter-life crisis or you are confused with your purpose in life, you can start with your current potential.



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