Change Hopeless to Hopeful

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

Have you ever felt hopeless?

Try to remember when you felt hopeless. Remember the time, the place, and the people there.

I know it feels not good.

I don’t try to make you sad by remembering it because I believe that our experience is a part of life, good or bad. Luckily, we can change our bad experiences into good ones by breaking the structure and changing their meaning.

One of them is the hopeless experience. We need to break the structure first.

For example, I will take my experience. I try to break my hopeless structure. Anyway, I felt hopeless when finishing my final paper at college.

The structure is like this:
The time: When I felt stuck on ideas.
The place: When I am in my room.
People: Just me, when I am alone.

Let’s break down the structure:
When I felt stuck (time), I changed my focus to other things like music or video. Then, when I am in my room too much (place), I move to another room. And then, when I am alone (people), I go to meet someone to play something or talk about another thing.

It seems simple.

After breaking the structure, I can change the meaning of it by asking questions, “What is the lesson of the hopeless feeling? Is there a positive meaning of hopeless feelings? What is the benefit of feeling hopeless?”

By answering those questions, we know that anything has positive intentions. To make us better.

On the other hand, the hopeless feeling makes us lazy to do something. It changes everything. So, let it go.

Change hopeless into hopeful. Your life is priceless and prideful. Don’t let one negative feeling steals your happiness. If you have a choice in life, choose positive ones. Choose hopeful. Then make your life wonderful.



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Yasier Fadilah

I write about personal growth, business and productivity. You can also find me on IG @yasierfadilah. Thank you for reading.